Saturday, February 7, 2009

Phone Survey

Quite an interesting morning; just finishing having breakfast when the phone rang. It was a Survey on TV, Radio and Newspapers. I did have a bit of time (considering the fact that it was Saturday morning and the kids where hollering while having their breakfasts) so I answered the questions, which were quite redundant and some of them at a stupid level of detail (what is the dial number of the radio station that you were listening last week? 92.1 or 92.2? I have no idea! I just turn the knob until the music shows up!). Then, 'twas the time to answer question on TV and I answered that we don't have a TV at home... The lady couldn't registered that information in her brain immediately; in fact she had to ask the question again after the shock was over to be sure of what she was listening... that was more or less the end of the survey. So, I was wondering today whether that was the actual meaning of my status in the USA; i.e. a "resident alien"!!!!! I wouldn't know what to do with a TV plus the fact that the time (as the Bible says somewhere) is always short and there are too many things to do before tomorrow, even Saturdays.